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Where Chess fails in that regard is when we talk about castling, and Chess would be a better alternative, since it doesn't require a person to "intuitively" feel the known castling positions. Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Is Chess a desirable alternative to classical chess? Asked 4 years, 3 months ago. Active 3 years, 3 months ago.

Viewed times. ETD CConero CConero 1, 4 4 silver badges 7 7 bronze badges. You used two different words and my answer depends on which one you choose. Yes, it is a great alternative.

How to Analyze Chess Games

No, it is not a substitute. Dag, No, of course I wouldn't want to eliminate classical chess entirely, so "alternative" is the appropriate word to use. I certainly haven't memorized any openings beyond a few moves myself, so classical chess will always be more than adequate for me. I also realize that memorizing openings is not as important as understanding them anyway.

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Sorry for the ambiguity. I don't know if the question is appropriate for the site, but I think it is a worthwhile question just the same. I think chess is played out.

Chess - Wikipedia

Chess would be a way to inject more life into the game without changing the essence of the game. CConero, it's true that questions which are primarily opinion-based are discouraged on this and other SE sites though those criteria do not originate from me personally in any way , and as phrased this question is on that fence; the nice answer from BKFM manages to speak to the matter rather objectively though, and I won't be voting to close this unilaterally.

And just to be clear, this site is no more mine than it is any other user's; I'm merely a volunteer pro tem moderator elected near the beginning of the site's public beta, and the community as a whole decides its own guidelines, e. I want to put forth a few arguments, why I don't consider it desirable to substitute classical chess with Chess The rumours of a draw death of chess have been greatly exaggerated.

I disagree with your first point. That's horrible. Clearly the best players are finding the right moves. I also disagree with your second point. Are you telling me that the top GMs don't know all the likely openings to a great depth? Sure, they may play for odd positions, once they deplete their massive opening books.

a drop-chess variant

Further, I would not use Carlsen as an example - he's an outlier. But it has been like that for years. Draws are just a normal part of chess. As he also points out, though, there is a deeper level of connection between Modernist music and the game that Schoenberg loved and sought to expand. Adorno writes,. With Schoenberg, affability ceases.

Swedish Chess

Playing music and playing games are intimately connected, never more so than with Modernist thinkers. He was first to last an inventor, whether of musical Modernism or of Coalition Chess. Those who knew Schoenberg often recalled him to be a warm and generous personality, quite unlike what many might expect from his music.

Perhaps the last word should go to Schoenberg himself. He acknowledged the value he placed on invention over what might traditionally be called music composition in a telling reply he gave to a music journalist who asked him if he thought any of his American pupils he taught at the University of California for over twenty years was a great composer. He is an inventor.