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There have been changes to PvP, as nothing will ever stay the same.

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The Community The community has gotten so toxic. You used to have so many people willing to help you out whether you were new to the game or new to raiding.

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This is one of the things that I used to rave about when I started playing was how the community was so helpful and nice. Now it seems that you end up with a lot of mean and rude people. I still play the game I have since turned to enjoy solo ques or sticking to my few select friends and family in the game.

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You have to run dungeons and heroics, LFRs, among other ways to get the gear you need. Too Easy The game used to be a little more challenging in the starting levels. This can be boring for a veteran player who remembers that challenge. The talent tree changes are among the list of changes made to the game. Other players and I actually do miss the old talent tree system.

  • 1.3 million gamers quit playing World of Warcraft this year already!
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  • I have a friend who quit playing because of the talent tree change and will not return as a result. Everyone has their own opinion about what is wrong with any video game. And yet, a quiet minority are eager to journey to the frontiers of Deepholm, Uldum, and The Twilight Highlands—the beginning of Warcraft's modern era, rather than its mythical prehistory.

    Wilcalaf, a year old Chilean, is the owner and proprietor of NRG-WoW, one of the few, proud Cataclysm private servers on the internet. His domain does not resuscitate the nubile, blemish-free realms of retail vanilla, or the wondrous scattershot imperfections of The Burning Crusade, or the windfall Northrend expedition in Wrath of the Lich King. Instead, he nurtures an Azeroth in permanent transition—those awkward Cataclysm years, as Blizzard was trying to figure out the future for their ludicrously popular MMO.

    Doing My Dailies: Why I Quit WoW And Started Working Out - Pixel Poppers

    A time most players are eager to forget. Wilcalaf talks about his work with a near-spiritual sense of duty. For him, this is personal. If you're one of the millions who played World of Warcraft in , you probably have a good idea why.

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    Let's jump back to the end of Wrath of the Lich King. The Horde and Alliance had just toppled the reign of the mighty Prince Arthas, and returned home to Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms eager to find a new big bad to fill the power vacuum. Deathwing, a legendary obsidian-plated dragon last seen in Warcraft II, responded in dramatic fashion by plunging through the crust of Azeroth and leaving a long trail of chaos in his wake.