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  1. Charles H. Spurgeon's Sermon Notes
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  4. C.H. Spurgeon (1834 - 1892)

Who Is on the Lord's Side? Laying the Hand on the Sacrifice. Against Murmuring. Man's Extremity, God's Opportunity. Moral Inability. The Faithful Olive Tree. Ruth Deciding For God. The Battle Is the Lord's. Love Plighting Troth. David's Spoil.

Charles H. Spurgeon's Sermon Notes

Prayer Found in the Heart. Clinging to the Altar. Consulting With Jesus. Elijah Fainting. A Frivolous Exercise. Where Is the God of Elijah? Eyes Opened. The Lesson of Uzza. A King Sent in Love. Rehoboam The Unready.

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Help Asked And Praise Rendered. Those Who Desire. The Joy Of The Lord.

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Satan Among The Saints. The Sorrowful Man's Question. Out Of Nothing Comes Nothing. Job's Sure Knowledge. Rebelling Against The Light.

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The Hypocrite Discovered. By , several academic publishers had passed on the project.

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  • Who could blame them? Six thousand pages totaling one million words is the worst thing you can include in a book proposal. The sermons also needed editing and annotating, which translates into years of work, time, resources, and sacrifice. Then in January, I lost my health when my appendix ruptured I found out it had ruptured about one month later.

    Three difficult surgeries followed. By spring, I had nearly lost hope that God had any plans for me or for this project. God used that one, singular thought to recalibrate my heart and bring me back from the dead. Without the intervention of these two men and also the greatest wife in the world , the Lost Sermons would have remained as lost today as when Spurgeon abandoned them so many years ago.

    Since then, I have thought much on grace. In fact, a thousand gears of grace have rotated across a century and a sea to make this project possible. What an unexpected narrative of redemption that a publishing house from Nashville would complete the task Spurgeon failed to accomplish.

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    And not only Americans, but Southern Americans. And not only Southern Americans, but Southern Baptist Americans with all the baggage of our bespeckled beginnings.