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Lumbridge windmill, search the crates on the top floor. General Bentnoze in the Goblin Village. Go to the village being attacked by trolls, search the drawers while you are there. Wait till I get my hands on Penda, he's nicked the key again. Go to the weapons shop in Burthorpe and when you try to open the drawers it says "wait till I get my hands on Penda , he's nicked the key again. Then open and search the drawers. Go to this building to be illuminated, and check the drawers while you're there. I'm guarding the key at the market - Go to Rellekka and kill one of the Fremennik market guards.

Kill a Fremennik market guard , acquire a key, then search the drawers in the Lighthouse west of Rellekka if you don't kill the market guard, then the drawer will say "I'm guarding the key at the market". Requires commencement of Horror from the Deep to enter the lighthouse and the completion of Bar Crawl miniquest. You only need to gain entry to the lighthouse near the start of the quest. Stop for a bit and admire the scenery, just like the tourism promoter says.

Search the hay bales in the circular room south of the Baxtorian Falls, near Rasolo. Search the crates near the Golem in the ruins of Uzer. Use Dominion medallion or the Traveller's necklace and run directly east for quick access. Alternatively, make your way to Shantay Pass , and from there, take the magic carpet to Uzer. I am a token of the greatest love. I have no beginning or end. My eye is red, I can fit like a glove.

The Treasure CoastReal Estate Lady

Go to the place where it's money they lend, And dig by the gate to be my friend. Dig next to the gate, under the west bank of Varrock. I'm sure they will let ya buy some things here, as long as you are in good 'ealth. Search one of the two crates in the general shop from Lletya.