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  1. How to Find Out Which Online Marketing Strategy Drives the Best Traffic
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  3. 1. Run Co-promotions with Influencers
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As an alternative solution, you can use micro influencers to increase your product credibility. Your new leads will be more likely to trust your brand if the recommendation comes from a social influencer. But you can still get them to visit your website if you can master your SEO strategy. Although those terms are lucrative, they are actually extremely difficult to rank for.

On the other hand, long tail keywords are much less competitive, and they will drive the majority of your traffic. It just means that I rank for more long tail phrases. First, you need to log into Google Webmaster Tools. What you need to do next is take the head keywords phrases that contain one or two words you rank for and type them into Google. And the head term is much harder to rank for than those long tail terms. I used this strategy on a monthly basis on Quick Sprout in And the results were great. Ultimate guides are great tools for generating traffic since people like to share them via the social media, so I wanted to share with you the tips for creating your own, based on an article by Kristi Hines called Creating Ultimate Guides and Using Them to Build Your Marketing List.

Once traffic dies down, the nice thing about your ultimate guide is that you can then turn it into a free download. If they win, they get to show off to the world. For example, Write to Done runs an annual top ten best writing blogs award.

Those who win get to display a badge that declares they are one of the best. Of course, that badge drives traffic back to Write to Done. The disadvantage of this technique is that it is not going to work unless you have some authority in the space. You first have to develop a loyal following through consistent publication of practical and persuasive content. Then, you have to offer your badge year after year until it gains a following. Reddit is a huge site getting huge numbers of page views. Back in December of , they got a total of 2 billion.

That means you can post content on Reddit and drive a boatload of traffic to your site. Naturally, you have to create great content, but when you share that content is just as important. These include whether you shared an older story versus a new one or how quickly you get your first upvotes. If it takes you 10 hours, then your post will not appear as high on the front page than if you had gotten those upvotes in the first hour. And those matter just as much as the next 1,…. In theory, a submission with 1, upvotes and downvotes will not rank as high as a post with upvotes and downvotes.

Another element that affects your Reddit rankings is how many comments people leave. The more comments, the more weight that post will get. This means you need to use these strategies to generate more comments. There are two ways in which you can do this: buy an ad that shows up across all of Reddit or buy an ad that targets specific sub-Reddits. One of the hottest and easiest ways to give your traffic a significant bump is to write a guest article for a popular blog. Fortunately, with social media, connecting with these bloggers is pretty easy. Once you have that connection with the blog owner, make sure you take care of it.

Make yourself available to do things that they need done. So, writing a popular guest blog post goes like this:. You want to catch all those leads you drive to your site, right? Then do this:. Lots of people create free giveaways to build their email newsletters — but few of them take the time to truly craft a great giveaway that people want, and that somehow improves their lives or their business as a result of getting it. The question most business owners then ask is:. Rather than posing a blanket question and pigeon-holing people into specific answers, send them a quick email and ask this one simple question:.

These days in almost any topic, people are frustrated, excited, hopeful, challenged and confused, all in one. And you, in turn follow up accordingly. Thank them for taking the time to respond and share their problem. You might be surprised to learn that very few people will go through the time and effort to create something truly extraordinary, such as an entire course for free or a tangible item that can be shipped.

And sadly, most paid e-products are created by people who have neither the experience nor the expertise to truly give people that kind of top-peak invaluable information. Oftentimes, affiliate promoters will give their prospects a free something-or-other to promote to their lists. You can essentially trash this. If the affiliate product creator is giving away a free how-to article on getting started with the product, you go a step further and make a step-by-step video that shows you using the product the way a first-timer would. Better yet, all affiliate products have gaps or areas where users have questions — be the first person to come up with a comprehensive FAQ that answers those questions and issues.

This is why I highly recommend choosing an email list provider that includes mobile responsive NOT mobile friendly or mobile optimized templates. Most providers have tended to take the easy read: lazy way out and give subscribers who view your email a mobile version or a browser-friendly version. That being said, some providers and programmers are stepping up to the plate to offer responsive templates of their own. The most popular email newsletter providers that have made their templates mobile-responsive include:.

See below how Sprout Social does their intro email when someone is added to an account. After you send this out, within 24 hours, you can send out your freshly-minted, responsive design as a follow-up:. These are people who, when approached right, can help you take your traffic to the next level. These days, too many people approach influencers and start foaming at the mouth about how their product is the greatest thing, and could I review it on my blog or do I accept guest posts or would I be willing to try it out in exchange for a mention in my newsletter, etc.

We get more email, invitations and mentions than we can ever keep up with. Some WordPress themes include this feature as part of their user profile area. Why bother? Because according to some studies, Google Authorship photos in search results can impact your click-through rates significantly. Although you can expect this to taper off as more and more photos appear in search results, early tests have been nothing but positive. Once you complete the process, you can check to see if Google can pick up the results by using its Structured Testing Tool.

Buzzfeed is a great example of a site with stick-ability.

How to Find Out Which Online Marketing Strategy Drives the Best Traffic

At the end of every article, there are more related articles to whittle away at your productivity:. To some people, blog commenting may seem like an old-fashioned strategy that no longer works to build backlinks from Google. Taking just 15 minutes a day to comment on a few respected blogs in your industry will not only get your name out there, but can also drive traffic to your site and build relationships with fellow commenters as well as the blog owner.

Or maybe your clients have struggled with a similar problem, and this is how you solved it? Thoughtful, well-thought-out blog comments can also demonstrate that you have the depth of knowledge and the expertise on the topic that make you a valuable contributor in the industry as a whole. Who knows, perhaps your blog comment can lead to a guest posting position within that blog? Forum commenting may seem like a tactic of yesteryear — but just like with blog commenting, the goal is not to get backlinks, but rather make yourself an integral, respected part of the community.

Nearly every forum has its own paragons: shining examples of members who contribute consistent, helpful or new information that the community finds helpful.

Sample Segments for Traffic Comparisons

Some of these people become moderators. The good news is that there are forums for nearly every topic, ranging from cars to cats, adoption to vegetarianism. Wikipedia maintains a list of some of the largest ones , but you can also find relevant forums by searching Google for your topic plus the word forum, bulletin board or message board both with and without quotes. A list of the most popular forums on Wikipedia, along with number of posts, number of members, the software running the forum and the year it was founded.

No one wants to contribute to a ghost down, and one of the most troubling issues forum owners face is getting enough traction to get people registered and keep them coming back. An example of the latest posts on StartupNation. If the community appears fairly active and responsive, go ahead and register. Use your real name if at all possible, rather than your company name. The same goes for your avatar, or the small graphic that appears under your name.

Resist the temptation to use your company logo and use a nice, professional-looking, smiling photo instead. People are psychologically more attracted to a smiling face than a bland, boring corporate logo. Then you can start contributing to posts. Check the forum guidelines — particularly about links to your own site. When in doubt — ask! Ads appear on the right side of your news feed or in the timeline and can be targeted to both mobile and desktop devices. Sponsored Stories appear when fans take certain actions on your page, including:. You have control over where your sponsored Stories are placed and can target just news feeds, just desktops or just mobile.

Sponsored Stories are the most organic and natural-appearing ads and encourage the most user interaction. Promoted Posts let you promote nearly anything including links, videos, quizzes and more, and is perfect for mobile impressions as it displays directly in the newsfeed rather than being relegated to the right side.

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These types of ads cost very little and can help you increase the number of likes and fans you have without spending a huge chunk of money. As you grow your audience, you can bring in Suggested Posts targeted to those who like your page to encourage them to go beyond Facebook and take an action on your site. You can also use Promoted Posts to expand your reach to the friends of friends who have liked your page.

You can even test your ads to see which ones are bringing you the best return on investment and the greatest number of new fans and friends. LinkedIn is its own unique community, just as Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest have their own collective microcosms of rules, expectations and guidelines of how to act and post. Because it caters to professionals, LinkedIn demands a more polished, well-thought-out marketing plan. Third party LinkedIn Applications let you connect your WordPress blog to LinkedIn, leverage industry-specific applications and find events near you to help you build your network.

You can also use LinkedIn Recommendation Ads to promote your products. These visual breakdowns of statistics and information, when done right, can be a huge traffic magnet on both the popular pinning site, as well as your own website. Doing the research and gathering the statistics is going to be the most time-consuming part of the infographic creation process, but there are several sites that can make it easier:.

Finding and citing the most recent sources for your statistics is also crucial to creating your infographic, as many sites can post questionable stats as fact. Not surprisingly, someone created an infographic about this very thing see below. Fortunately there are several tools that can help — my favorite of which is Piktochart.

Piktochart uses themes as a starting point for designing your infographic, then lets you drag and drop individual elements for your stats:. Just piling stats on for the sake of creating an infographic is never a good plan. Instead, certain types of data and topics do better in this format than others, including:.

Comparisons — How does one thing compare to another? Have the changes made a significant difference? Why or why not? Has something happened to cause something else? How has it affected your business? Time — Timelines of inventions or processes in your industry can show how practices and strategies have evolved over time. Mainly aesthetics, feelings, emotions and in many cases, humor — even if to prove a point. The next task is promoting it and getting traffic to share and re-pin it. There are plenty of opportunities out there to make yourself heart on radio shows and podcasts — if you know where to look.

Each show is required to post a description, audience demographics, audience size and proof to back up that claim, as well as the format of the show. You can also subscribe to their mailing list to receive updates on new radio guest opportunities available. HARO requests run the gamut from exceedingly niche requests to requests for stories and much more.

HARO publicity alerts let you connect with reporters across a variety of news and magazine outlets. One of the many companies that has benefitted from HARO is the HopeFULL company , which sells kits to help children and cancer patients with digestive issues to create healthful popsicles with nutritious whole foods.

They responded to every relevant HARO inquiry with a pitch, and were featured on many local and international outlets, including the Nate Berkus show and Daily Candy to name a few. Think about this — if a company selling recipes and popsicle mold kits can make it big across a number of media outlets — what could your own product or service do? I recommend creating a specific email address — like haro yourdomain. The first step is claiming your business page on Google Business.

Your citation is the name, address and phone number of your business also known as NAP. Having these correct and up-to-date is crucial to making sure that Google authenticates your business as a real, verifiable place. Exact names, addresses, phone numbers and even photos can make a difference with your listing. Google pulls your NAP details from review sites, guest blogging links, directories and more. Even seemingly minor differences like St. The more of your NAPs that match across other sites, the higher your ranking on Google Places will be.

WhiteSpark lets you type in search phrases to see what other variations people are searching for and then shows you citation listings for the top ranking sites. This way, you can build your own citations and keep track of those you already have. They also offer services to build the citations for you.

Yext lets you see where your locally-targeted site appears across a variety of search engines and specialty sites, including Yelp, Topix, Superpages, Patch and more:. An example of the many sites searched by Yext to show you how your business appears on each one. They also offer review monitoring and analytics services. Their dashboard allows businesses complete control through one central hub, plus gives you the opportunity to update listings across all sites rather than individually.

Depending on the type of retargeting you do, you can often convince them to circle back to visit your site by displaying a product they may have looked at, an ad for an item they searched for, and so on. An illustrated example of how retargeting works. Site Retargeting — This is the simplest form of retargeting, showcasing your ads on other sites that your visitors go to. The idea is that this keeps your brand in their peripheral vision and in the back of their mind.

They may have made purchases on similar websites, searched different keywords or have the same interests as your customer base. This type of targeting can also be segmented geographically, based on their level of interaction with your other lead generation channels surveys, emails , or a combination of factors.

CRM retargeting uses cookies to track your mailing list users online and show ads for your site on the pages they visit. There are several retargeting tools and services available, each with varying price levels and features. Here are 2 that you can compare. AdRoll One of the biggest and most popular brands in the retargeting industry. Paid Search traffic occurs when somebody clicks on an advertisement inside the search results. You need to pay for this traffic, usually on a pay-per-click PPC basis.

It means you pay each time someone clicks on your ad. This traffic is from display advertising, such as Google AdWords remarketing campaigns, banner advertising, and contextual ads. Any traffic resulting from affiliate marketing efforts, namely visitors arriving at your website via affiliate links, is called affiliate traffic. Strictly speaking, direct traffic originates when someone navigates to your website by typing its address into their browser.

However, in Google Analytics, direct traffic numbers can sometimes be inflated because traffic from unrecognized sources is also accounted for as direct traffic. Visits from social media sites that are not ads, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. This category includes traffic from clicks on links in email messages, whether mass email marketing or individual messages.

You want to keep track of who is visiting your website, what pages they visit, how long they stay, and where they have come from. One of the best tools for measuring and analyzing website traffic is Google Analytics. This means that the quality of the data depends on how good a job you do at tagging your campaigns. If done incorrectly or not done at all , traffic can end up being miscategorized and your data will not show the real picture.

So, make sure you read up on how to use Google Analytics and, specifically, on the implementation of UTM parameters for tagging campaigns. You probably noticed from the list of channels above that, with the exception of Direct traffic, in all other instances the visitor arrives at your website after clicking on a link. Normally, the context in which the link is placed, the actual link text or image or both, would make it clear that clicking it will take the visitor to your website.

However, some webmasters try to hide from their visitors that clicking something will result in them ending up on another website. First, they annoy the hell out of your visitors because they hinder rather than help them from accomplishing the task they originally set out to do. Second, these tactics tend to convert very poorly. So, while you can get tons of visitors to your website quickly, only a tiny percentage of them will take the action you want them to. As a result, you need to buy even more traffic. This not only increases your cost but also alienates even more potential customers in the process.

Finally, but not lastly, deceptive obtrusive tactics are frowned upon by the search engines. If you are not careful, using them might actually harm your ability to attract visitors from organic search think Google penalty. Before we get to discuss the actual process of building website traffic, there is one more concept I want you to understand. It is the concept of owned media.

You see, when you look at the different sources of traffic, you will realize that it is possible to distinguish between three types of media:. It is the last one, owned media, that has the potential to become the cornerstone of your Internet marketing strategy. Because you have total editorial control over the content within the applicable terms of service, of course , you are able to shape these in the exact way you need. In other words, actively developing your own media allows you to be in much better control of what results come up in the search results pages and for which keywords.

When flawlessly implemented, this concept allows you to dominate entire search results pages, thus harvesting most of the search traffic for the chosen search terms, leaving nothing to your competition.

1. Run Co-promotions with Influencers

When you simplify the entire effort of increasing website traffic, it boils down to the following strategic objectives:. Anything you do should contribute to one of these objectives. I have selected these priorities with special consideration to beginners and also business owners with limited time and money. Later, I will show you how to leverage these priorities off one another in creating your traffic building strategy. You will see how your work on one priority will boost the effectiveness of results under other priorities while minimizing the effort and required resources.

Image Source: Digital Marketer. This process is called building a customer avatar or buyer persona and is absolutely crucial to your success. Because it informs pretty much your entire marketing strategy and your sales process. Only once you know who your ideal visitor is, are you able to make informed decisions on what type of content to produce, which platforms to buy advertisements on, etc. There are five major components of any good customer avatar:. It is possible likely, in fact that you will end up with multiple avatars, as you go through this process.

Also, as you line up your customer avatars, you will likely realize that only one or two are responsible for most of your business. Those are the ones to focus on for traffic building, primarily. Dollar for dollar, content marketing is the most cost-effective way to generate new leads. Just consider these facts:. Infographic Source: Demand Metric. Bottom line: content marketing works. It is efficient, compelling, less expensive and persuasive without being intrusive. So, how do you find content topics that have the best potential for driving the highest return on your investment ROI?

Once you brainstorm a list of potential topics, open the AdWords Keyword Planner tool and type in your topics, one by one, while matching the targeting settings as close as possible to your ideal visitor avatar. These are topics that have the highest potential ROI for you. To convince someone, who has never heard of you, that you are the best choice for them — especially when they might not even know they have a problem — is a tall order at best.

To move a prospect through all these stages, you will need to give them content specifically designed to satisfy their needs at each stage. The benefit of having content suitable for different stages of the customer journey is that you will be able to capture even those people who are not yet actively looking for your product or service. The result is more website traffic and more opportunities to build lasting customer relationships. Nor do you need to hire one. But, you should have at least some grasp of the SEO basics. A title tag is a piece of HTML code that contains the title of a web page.

Title tags are a major factor in helping search engines understand what your pages are about, and they are the first piece of information most people will see when they search for something in Google or other major search engines, or when somebody pastes a link for them on social media or in their favorite messaging application. Because title tags are such an important part of both search engine optimization and the user experience, writing good title tags is one of your best investments. A meta description is another piece of HTML code. It is meant to provide a summary of a web page.

Meta descriptions are not a ranking factor in Google. Nevertheless, they are an important element of your SEO strategy. They appear underneath the blue clickable links in search result pages SERPs. Therefore, they do impact user behavior, specifically, whether the user clicks on a result or not. As a result, a high-performing meta description will get you more clicks from the same ranking position.

Also, because user behavior influences Google rankings, an above-average click-through rate CTR is likely to have a positive impact on your rankings. Of course, there is a lot more to SEO than title and meta description tags and it makes sense to invest time into learning it. Also, if you have an established website, learn how to perform an SEO audit. Everything that results in the user taking action on your website helps you in at least two ways:. Image Source: DisruptiveAdvertising.

The world is getting busier and noisier. There is an endless stream of information to consume, millions of products offered, and thousands of advertising messages constantly thrown at people. As a result, more and more customers are using multiple channels to find the information they need to evaluate products and services.

Free Traffic Source for Internet Marketers

They rely less on your website and the relationship with your sales representative. They tend to find more information on their own. Because of this, you need to be in all the places your customers are using to search for information and help them find it. To start, review the information you collected when you were creating your customer avatars.

Where are your ideal customers hanging out? Where do they spend most of their time online? Any of the industry-specific or niche social sites? Yes, you need an account on each. Image Source: DreamGrow. If this sounds overwhelming, it is. Luckily, there are social media tools that help automatize most of the work. At the same time, your multi-channel marketing will become a lot easier, if you focus on the following aspects:. Consumers trust recommendations from a third party more than from the brand itself.

Whenever you are able to get a person, who has authority and is respected by your target audience to say something positive about your product or service, you are increasing your chances of success. Whenever you align with an influencer they bring their own audience, but also the audiences of their audience. As a result, an influencer has the ability to drive significant traffic to your website, increase your social media exposure, and even flat-out sell your product or service through their recommendation.

This is why it is essential for you to build relationships with relevant influencers. To find influencers, you can use tools such as BuzzSumo see screenshot below or simply start reading top blogs and publications in your industry. It is still true now, as it was true years ago. Only, the definition of a list has changed better say, expanded. Yes, the traditional e-mail list is still a part of it.

One of them is friends, fans, and followers on social media. Whether it be on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or another social site, they all opted to connect with you. So, as you are building your presence on these social media sites see the section on multiple channels above , make sure a part of your strategy is building your followers. If Facebook is one of your marketing channels, consider creating a Facebook group around a topic your ideal audience has a continued interest in.

While Facebook page reach is dropping like a stone, your ability to reach your group members still remains strong. Remarketing is another way to reach the people who interacted with you at some point. You have pretty much zero personal information about these people. But, you do know what pages they visited, what actions they took, and are able to create your messaging sequences accordingly. Finally, careful targeting and using lookalike audiences with Facebook advertising is another way to reach specific types of people that match the criteria of your ideal visitor. The more you know about who your ideal customers are, the better you are able to target them.

Their purpose is to give your efforts the right focus. From the list of high-performing content, make a shortlist of topics that would be well suited for your site, product or service. Take a note of the scope and quality of the already ranking content and try to identify ways to make your content even better. But, they do need to solve a specific problem with a specific solution for your ideal target visitor.

25 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website

The key to a successful lead magnet is that it must offer tremendous value within five minutes of the opt-in. Your goal is to create a lead magnet that complements the content piece you just created and is a natural extension of it. Some ideas to consider:. Once you have the lead magnet, include an opt-in form with powerful copy and a call-to-action inside your content piece. Do you have any upcoming roundups in the works? I have some great original content that would be a great fit for your site. Topics include [your topics]. I was searching for [topic] and saw your post [URL].

Just wanted to give you a heads up that I created something that would be a great addition to an upcoming blog post on the topic. Wanted to reach out to let you know I cited your blog post [title] in an article I wrote on [topic]. You can check it out here: [URL]. If you find our article worthy, feel free to share it with your audience. I noticed you linked to XYZ. Post a short summary of your article with a link to all your social media accounts. Pay to reach relevant and lookalike audiences with your post summarizing the article.

Create a custom audience on Facebook for people who saw your article, but did not take action opted-in for the lead magnet , and run an ad for the lead magnet. Guest author: Miroslav Chodak is the owner of chodak. If you would like to discuss your traffic building plans with Miroslav, sign up for a free consultation today! Join over 25 million other readers that have been educated and inspired to transform their life and business. Miroslav Chodak. Basic concepts Humans vs. Other bots, however, can be malicious and could potentially cause a lot of harm.

Generally, we recognize these 9 default marketing channels: 1. Paid Search traffic The opposite of organic search is paid search.